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    • Special door 153

      Longdian Security Professional R&D, production and sales of MABC level Treasury doors, bank treasury doors, jewelry Treasury doors, products meet the national C level standards, reasonable prices, high safety factor, can be customized according to customer needs.

    • Special Door 159

      Longdan, 29 years of customized experience in treasury door production, bank treasury door designated brand, many large jewelry stores, museum projects to undertake experience

    • Special Door 244

      Longdian Steel Explosion-proof Door, Stainless Steel Explosion-proof Door, Explosion-proof Closed Door, Laboratory Boiler Room Special Explosion-proof Door manufacturer direct sales, product qualification is complete, quality assurance.

    • Special door 246

      Longdian is a large and comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and installation. Longdian has complete specifications of explosion-proof doors and windows, high price, and leading domestic sales.

    • Special door 157

      Longduan, a well-known brand of domestic Treasury Gate, has 29 years of production experience in the Treasury Gate industry. The products meet the national or industry general standards, with good reputation and excellent quality.

    • Special door 154

      We specialize in the production and supply of bank treasury doors, ordinary Treasury doors, mobile portfolio Treasury doors and other treasury doors series products. Welcome customers to visit the field.

    • Special door 151

      Longdian specializes in the production and sale of steel fire doors, wood fire doors, fire-proof glass doors, fire-proof rolling shutter doors, fire-proof super doors, products with complete qualifications, including fire-proof acceptance.

    • Fire door 126

      Guangdong Longdian Fire Door is processed and manufactured strictly according to the inspection basis of GB12955-2008 Fire Door. The cases are all over the country and the quality is guaranteed.。

    • Fire door 125

      Longdian Fire Door Factory, a well-known brand in Guangdong Province, a member of Guangdong Fire Protection Association, has many years of experience in manufacturing fire doors, has a modern production base and advanced production equipment. Welcome customers to visit and guide the factory.

    • Fire door 127

      Longdian specializes in producing customized metro fire doors, Class A wind-proof fire doors, cooperative brands of domestic rail transit construction units, designated suppliers of fire doors, welcome to inquire about quotations.

    • Fire door 128

      Longdian is a fire door manufacturer integrating R&D, design, production, sales and installation. The fire door has complete specifications and excellent quality. It can also provide free door-to-door measurement and quotation services.

    • Fire door 141

      Longdian Fire Door has passed the approval of the National Fire Product Qualification Assessment Center and the national compulsory 3C certification. It is one of the most powerful fire door manufacturers in Guangdong Province.

    • Bronze doors 011

      The company's bronze door to independent research and development, own factories, professional design team and senior technical personnel advantages, reasonable prices, industry sales are far ahead.

    • Bronze door 008

      Longdian Bronze door, adhering to German Copper Door Technology, is based on the manufacturing industry of Copper Door. Has 30000 square meters production plant

    • Bronze door 007

      Longdian Bronze doors, classical and modern noble coexistence, luxurious appearance, using high-precision copper plate, real material. Copper Gate and Copper Jewelry Cooperation Unit of Shandong Confucius Museum, designated supplier.

    • Bronze door 013

      Longdian focuses on the development, design, production and sales of high-end copper doors. The company's copper doors are environmentally friendly, durable, fire-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-theft and other characteristics. They are novel in shape and can be customized by individuals.。

    • Bronze door 006

      Longdian Bronze door, through the relevant authorities, has complete qualifications, reasonable prices and high quality service, and can provide free door-to-door measurement services.

    • Armored door

      Longdian Armored Door Factory is a large-scale integrated high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, installation and service. It has many years of experience in manufacturing armored doors and witnessed by many customers.

    • Armored door 123

      Professional production and supply of steel and wood armored doors, cast aluminum armored doors, carved aluminum and wood armored doors and other armored doors series products. Longdian Armored Door has high cost performance, strong anti-theft, strong decorative, strong and beautiful, a dual-purpose.

    • Armored door 122

      Longdian Armored Door is based on the industry of Armored Door with high safety performance, advanced production technology and strong sense of design. The factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters, and its production capacity is guaranteed.。

    • Armored door 105

      装甲门是一种高档次的入户门,是普通防盗门的升级产品。龙电装甲门除具备基本的防盗功能,同时具备优异的防火、隔音、保温、甚至防弹功能。 装甲门是一种高档次的入户门,是普通防盗门的升级产品。龙电装甲门除具备基本的防盗功能,同时具备优异的防火、隔音、保温、甚至防弹功能。 Armored door is a kind of high-grade entry door, which is an upgrade product of ordinary anti-theft door. In addition to the basic anti-theft function, Longdian Armored Door has excellent fire, sound insulation, thermal insulation, and even bullet-proof functions.

    • Armored door 104

      Longdian Armored Door, processed by its own factory, with reasonable price and excellent quality, can be customized according to customers'needs.

    • Cast aluminum door 055

      Longdian specializes in the production of explosion-proof cast aluminium doors, villas cast aluminium doors, cast aluminium courtyard doors, cast aluminium doors and other cast aluminium products. Many customer cases witness the quality and service.

    • Cast aluminum door 057

      Longdan focuses on research and development, design, production and sales of cast aluminium doors. It has its own factory processing, reasonable price, direct sales and excellent quality.

    • Cast aluminum door 054

      Longdian Cast aluminum door is based on its own research and development, its own factories, professional design team, advanced production technology and high quality after-sales service in the production industry of casting aluminium doors.

    • Cast aluminum door 052

      Longdian Electroforming Aluminum Door Factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters. The company has long been committed to the research and development, production, sales and service of casting aluminum doors, with complete qualifications and quality assurance.

    • Cast aluminum door 051

      Long Dian, many years of customized experience in the production of cast aluminium doors, well-known brand of cast aluminium doors in Guangdong Province, and many domestic experience in the project of cast aluminium doors

    • Cast aluminum door 048

      Longdian Cast aluminum door adopts high-tech processing technology, solid cast Aluminum, the whole casting, while with explosion-proof, anti-theft, sound insulation and other functions.


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